Advanced Excel Virtual Training

Microsoft Excel Advanced Half-Day Course
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The Course Includes:

  • Using advanced functions
    • Conditional Logic: using the IF function
    • Using Not, AND, OR functions
    • Nested IF functions
  • Using maths & statistical functions
    • The SUMIF function
    • The COUNTIF function
    • The AVERAGEIF function
  • Introduction to the new 2007/10 Excel functions: SUMIFS, COUNTIFS, AVERAGEIFS
  • Working with data
    • Tidying the database with the TRIM function
    • Extracting text & data using FIND and MID functions
    • Using the VALUE function
  • Working with advanced database functions
    • The DSUM function
    • The DAVERAGE function
    • The DCOUNT function
Course Duration: 4 hours
Price: £145 + VAT (includes free headset)