Excel Visual Basic (VBA)

Getting Started with Excel VBA

  • Why use Excel VBA?
  • Recording a Macro
  • Assigning a Macro to a Button
  • Saving as a Macro Enabled Workbook
  • Recording V’s Coding
  • The Visual Basic Editor Environment
  • Navigating between Excel and the VB Editor

Editing Code + Methods of Executing

  • Structure of a Sub Routine
  • Writing your First Code
  • Executing a Sub Routine/Macro
  • Break Mode
  • Using Macro Comments

Visual Basic Language Rules

  • The Object Model Hierarchy
  • Properties and Methods
  • Active Objects
  • Using Inbuilt Functions
  • Adjust VBE Settings
  • Working with Variables

Control Structures

  • IF, Nested IF

Looping Structures

  • Do Loops
  • For Next Loops
  • For Each Next Loops

Interactive Macros

  • Using a Msgbox
  • Use a Conditional Message Box
  • Use the Inputbox

Create Interactive Forms

  • Create a User form for Data Entry
  • Build Form Controls
  • Use of the Properties Window
  • Build a Dialog Box

Using Events

  • What are Event Procedures?
  • Workbook Events
  • Sheet Events
  • Form Control Events
  • The On Time event