Microsoft Project Training Courses in Cambridgeshire

Microsoft Project Training Courses in Cambridgeshire.Microsoft Project training courses at your own offices in Cambridgeshire

Microsoft Project was designed to be as flexible as possible, giving you complete control of you project plan and allowing you to reschedule whenever necessary. For example, MS Project gives us 3 different calendar types: the main Project Calendar, individual Resource Calendars and also Task Calendars. Using these calendars together enables us for instance to ensure that we don’t task an individual with work when they are unavailable, or perhaps to shorten the project duration by setting overtime. Whatever the situation on the job, Microsoft Project allows you to represent and analyse it in the plan.

In order to gain the most benefit from MS Project, a structured training course is virtually essential. The software is notoriously tricky to understand when it comes to self-teaching, due in part to the somewhat misleading layout of the main Task Sheet view. At first glance you would be forgiven for thinking that we are meant to enter task start and finish dates, when this is in fact exactly the wrong thing to do! The reason for this comes back to the subject of flexibility. Entering start and finish dates set what MS Project refers to as a constraint and actually removes the application’s ability to reschedule properly.

In our Foundation Microsoft Project training course we show you the correct way to enter task information and set up all aspects of your plan so that the software is free to reschedule as necessary. For more information about Microsoft Project training courses in Cambridgeshire, please contact use below:

Microsoft Project Training Courses in Surrey

Microsoft Project Training Courses in Surrey.Microsoft Project training courses at you offices in Surrey from £50 per delegate

Learning how to use Microsoft Project properly has never been particularly easy. Training manuals are often difficult to follow and the software itself makes self-teaching problematic.

One issue is the layout of the Task Sheet, which suggests that tasks are defined by setting start and finish dates. In fact we never  actually enter these directly, as to do so would cause a Constraint to be applied. This effectively prevents MS Project from re-scheduling in the event that a task needs to be delayed, extended or even completed earlier. Instead, the start and finish dates are automatically defined by Microsoft Project when we determine the correct task dependancies. This is one of the topics that we cover in our Foundation Microsoft Project training course, along with everything else that you need to know to schedule a project plan from scratch.

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