Internet Marketing Training Courses Yorkshire

Internet Marketing Training Courses in Yorkshire.We are now offering Internet Marketing training courses in Yorkshire, delivered onsite at your own offices from just £55 per person.  Having a website is only the start of your online marketing campaign, actually getting it found requires knowledge and a considerable amount of effort. You can pay a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialist to do this for you, or you can learn to do it for yourself.

If you pay for an SEO service the amount of ongoing work required is going to be expensive, likely running into many thousands of pounds for an effective campaign. However, much of this work is routine and can be taught in-house to anyone with reasonable computer skills. Here are a few of the skills you will learn on our Foundation Internet Marketing course:

  • Understanding the principles of search engine ranking
  • The importance of backlinks to your website
  • How to obtain quality backlinks
  • Social Networking for business and why you need to be involved
  • Establishing a Social Media presence
  • How to set up your Social Media platforms on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, WordPress, Google+ and others
  • Using free software to make your Social Networking tasks quicker and easier
  • How to use blogging to drive traffic to your website
  • Understanding the importance of search search terms
  • How to rank for those important local searches
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