Microsoft Excel Training Courses Hertfordshire

Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Hertfordshire.Microsoft Excel training courses at your own offices in Hertfordshire from £55 per person

Many people who regularly use Excel are self taught and whilst this can be an effective way of learning for some, it can also leave gaps in one’s knowledge. There is an old adage that says “you don’t know what you don’t know” and this is especially true of Microsoft Excel. A good structured course will fill in the gaps, giving you a more complete knowledge of the software and making you more effective in the office.

There are essentially two ways of gaining these skills: public courses and onsite training at your own offices. If there are two or more staff who can benefit from training then a closed course on your premises will certainly worker both cheaper and more effective. The cost of a public course is around £250 per person + VAT depending upon availability, whereas our onsite group rates start at just £450 for up to 3 people. So 2 delegates would cost £225 per person and 3 would work out at just £150 each. With the onsite training option, the more staff you train the cheaper it becomes getting down to as little as £55 per person. You can see a full breakdown of our group rates on our Onsite Training Courses page.

If you would like to know more about Microsoft Excel training courses in Hertfordshire, please call 0800 2922842 or alternatively visit our contact page for email details.