Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Coventry

Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Coventry.From £50 per delegate – Microsoft Excel training courses in Coventry

Excel has become an indispensable tool in most offices and is recognised Worldwide as being the industry standard spreadsheet application. It’s probably accurate to say that it saves hours of office time when working with data, but how much more time could you save with  a better understanding of the software?

Microsoft Excel 2010 now comes with around 400 individual functions, each designed to make a specific task easier. However, many of these are highly specialised and would only be of interest to people working in certain professions. If you were conversant with 30 or so functions you would be doing quite well! On our Foundation Excel course we show you how to use the 6 most commonly used functions, on the Intermediate course we introduce to another 10 or so, with around 10 more on the Advanced programme. All of these functions are designed to make office spreadsheet tasks easier and more effective. How many are you currently using? Would you perhaps be more effective if you knew how to use more?

All of our Microsoft courses are very ‘hands on’ and designed to give you practical skills, not just theoretical knowledge. Through a series of tutor-led exercises you will ‘learn by doing’ and so gain a far better understanding of how Excel works and how it can make your office tasks easier. Youn can see an oveview of our Excel courses content on the Onsite Training Courses page.

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