Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Derbyshire

Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Derbyshire.Excel training anywhere in Derbyshire from £55pp

If you have a number of staff who can benefit from upgrading their Microsoft Excel skills, onsite training at your own offices in Derbyshire will work out cheaper than public courses. The average MS Excel open course is around £300 per person + VAT, but with our onsite group prices costing as little as £55 per person + VAT the savings can be considerable. For a full breakdown of costs please see our Onsite Training Courses page.

There are further benefits from hosting an Excel training course at your own offices. Your employees don’t have to travel so you save both time and expenses. Also, we can tailor any of our Microsoft courses to suit your particular needs. Our approach to training is very ‘hands on’  with tutor-led demonstrations being followed up with practical exercises in which everyone uses the software. In this way your employees learn tangible skills as opposed to theoretical knowledge.

For more information about running a Microsoft Excel training course at your offices in Derbyshire, please contact us below: