Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Ripon, North Yorkshire

Excel Training Courses in Ripon, North Yorkshire from £55 per delegate

If you have a number of staff who require training in Microsoft Excel, you have several options to choose from:

Public Open Courses

An Excel course at a public training centre currently costs in the region of £300 per person, plus VAT. If you have only one employee to train, this may be the best choice in respect of cost. However, sending a number of staff onto public courses can prove expensive and there are other considerations, such as the size of the class. Typically you may find 15 to 20 individuals from different organisations, all of whom are likely to have varied levels of experience in using Excel. This can lead to problems in delivering the right level of training, with the inevitable result that some people will not achieve their learning objectives.

Onsite Training

Microsoft Excel training can be delivered at your own offices in Ripon to groups of staff for considerably less per person when compared with public courses. In addition, we can tailor training to suit your employees existing levels of experience and ensure that everyone achieves their objectives for the day. For full details including pricing please visit our Onsite Training page.

Virtual Training

A third option is the live online course, or what we refer to as ‘virtual training’. This is a very cost effective way of gaining valuable Excel skills. Normally delivered on a one-to-one basis, this training can be fine-tuned to suit the individual. For further details please visit our Virtual Training page.