Microsoft Office 2010 Training Courses in Cambridgeshire

Microsoft OfficeMicrosoft Office 2010 Training Courses in Cambridgeshire

The MS Office software suite forms the mainstay of most businesses’ administration system, and 2010 represents the best version to date. However, many users coming straight from Office 2003 are faced with frustration when it comes to finding their way around due to the ‘Ribbon’ navigation system. This was first employed by Microsoft in Office 2007, but many Companies have bypassed this version preferring to stay with 2003 for as long as possible. Clearly the cost of upgrading for some large organisations is significant and it could certainly be argued that the Office 2003 still achieves most of what 2010 can deliver.

However, compatibility is increasingly becoming an issue as the file formats between 2003 & 2007 / 2010 are significantly different. Whilst Microsoft have thought of this and provided a compatibility format, many users it would appear are unaware of this. Very often the problem becomes apparent when files are emailed to another organisation and they cannot be opened. What many people are unaware of is that the new format produces files which are much smaller than previous versions (typically 60% smaller) which can be significant when emailing a large document. Paradoxically as we’ve seen, this is when the problem most often occurs.

Training is the obvious answer, but public Microsoft Office courses can cost from £250 + VAT per person for each application in the software suite. If your staff need to be skilled up in Excel, Outlook & Word these usually represent a day’s training each, with the cost mounting for each employee. However, we can provide onsite training at your own offices in Cambridgeshire from as little as £50 per person per day.

For an in-depth knowledge we can deliver 3 days training covering the main applications of Excel, Outlook & Word for a lot less than the cost of a public course. If your staff only need to know the basics, you could opt for a 1 day MS Office 2010 Foundation course. This will give them all the skills which they need to perform the majority of routine office tasks, at a considerably reduced cost. You can see full details of our courses and pricing structure on the Onsite Training Courses page of this website.

We deliver Microsoft Office 2010 courses throughout Cambridgeshire and supply everything needed to deliver training at your own offices. You can call free to discuss your requirements without obligation and we will be pleased to supply you with a free training needs analysis.