Associate Trainers Required

Due to the continued high demand for Microsoft training we are looking for more associate trainers throughout the UK. Candidates will need experience in delivering Microsoft training in any of the following areas:

  • Access
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • PowerPoint
  • Project
  • Word
Training qualifications needed are a minimum of C&G 7303 or higher. Microsoft Certification would be an advantage.

We are interested in appointing new associates in all areas of the UK, but particularly in Scotland, Ireland, North West and South East of England. For more information please email in the first instance to:

Excel Training Courses in Canterbury

Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Canterbury.Due to continuing expansion we’re pleased to announce that we’re now delivering Excel training courses in Canterbury. For our usual low group rate we can run Excel training at Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced levels at your own offices throughout Kent. Please see our Onsite Training Courses page for full details and prices.

Included in our rate is a Training Needs Analysis service which can help you to determine the correct course for your needs. The process is simple: we email you a quick tick-box form which you can complete in MS Word, then return and our training team will analyse the information.

To discuss your requirements for an Excel training course in Canterbury please contact us below:

Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Hampshire

Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Hampshire.Microsoft Excel training at your own offices in Hampshire including Andover, Basingstoke, Fareham, Farnborough, Gosport, Portsmouth, Southampton & throughout the County.

Microsoft Excel remains our most popular course at Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced levels and it’s easy to see why. It is the most frequently used software application in offices all over the UK, yet despite this most users are still self-taught. Even younger users it seems are in need of training on Excel as the majority of schools are still not teaching it at any practical level. Whilst being self-taught isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can limit an individual’s effectiveness as there will be tools and techniques which they are unaware of. This is where our brand of ‘hands on’ training comes in.

Our 1 day onsite MS Excel courses are designed to give you and your employees practical skills, enabling you to get the job done more efficiently. We achieve this through a series of trainer-led demonstrations using a projector (which we supply), followed each time by a practical exercise which each trainee completes on their own PC or laptop. We can also provide the laptops if necessary so that you can use virtually any office as an Excel training venue for the day.

As well as being highly qualified, our trainers all have many years of experience both as tutors and Microsoft Office users. Patience comes as standard so don’t be afraid that you can’t learn Excel, everyone can with the right trainer approach! Your knowledge builds up gradually during the day, so that you’re almost unaware of the process. Our tutors are used to coaching groups of varying ability, it is the nature of commercial Excel training, so you can be sure that you will receive all the help that you need along the way. By the time we finish you will have practical Excel skills which you can apply to any office situation to make you more effective.

If you are thinking of arranging a Microsoft Excel course at your offices in Hampshire, we can provide you with a simple Training Needs Analysis to help you determine the correct level. This is quick tick-box Word form which can be completed by each trainee in a couple of minutes. We can then advise on the right training to suit your needs and ensure that you get the best possible value from your investment. Call or email us using the contact details below and we will be happy to discuss your training needs further.

Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Derbyshire

Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Derbyshire.Excel training anywhere in Derbyshire from £55pp

If you have a number of staff who can benefit from upgrading their Microsoft Excel skills, onsite training at your own offices in Derbyshire will work out cheaper than public courses. The average MS Excel open course is around £300 per person + VAT, but with our onsite group prices costing as little as £55 per person + VAT the savings can be considerable. For a full breakdown of costs please see our Onsite Training Courses page.

There are further benefits from hosting an Excel training course at your own offices. Your employees don’t have to travel so you save both time and expenses. Also, we can tailor any of our Microsoft courses to suit your particular needs. Our approach to training is very ‘hands on’  with tutor-led demonstrations being followed up with practical exercises in which everyone uses the software. In this way your employees learn tangible skills as opposed to theoretical knowledge.

For more information about running a Microsoft Excel training course at your offices in Derbyshire, please contact us below:

Excel Courses in London

Excel Courses London.Excel courses in London from just £55 per person

If you are investing in Microsoft Excel training for several employees you will reduce your costs with an onsite course at your own offices. The average public Excel course in London is around £250 per delegate+ VAT, whereas we can deliver training at your own offices from just £55 per person. Here are our daily rates for onsite Excel courses in London:

  • 1 – 3 delegates: £450
  • 4 – 6 delegates: £500
  • 7 – 10 delegates: £550
  • Further delegates: £25 each up to 20 / course
Please note that the above rates are per group, not per person. As you can see, you only need to train 2 employees to save money against a public course. We provide all the necessary training equipment , including a projector and screen if required. We can also supply laptops for a small charge of £15 each, so that you can use practically any office as an Excel training room.


Other benefits to an onsite Excel course are:
  • Training can be tailored to suit you requirements
  • No travelling time or associated costs
  • Smaller class sizes means more personal attention given to each delegate
  • Key employees remain on hand in case they are urgently required


As onsite training specialists, all our trainers are not only fully qualified, but they have years of experience working closely with businesses all over the UK. You may like to take  a look at what clients have to say about the quality of our training on the Microsoft Training Testimonials page.


We provide a free training needs analysis service so that you can be sure of booking the correct level of training for your employees needs. We are also used to working with delegates of varying levels of experience and can accommodate this into your training course.


For more information about Excel courses in London, please feel free to call our freephone number below for a chat about your training needs without any obligation. Alternatively email us and we guarantee to get back to you within 24 hours.

Microsoft Office Excel Training Courses in Huddersfield

Microsoft Office Excel Training Courses in Huddersfield.Microsoft Excel training Huddersfield

If you are looking to increase your staff’s skill levels on Microsoft Excel, you may wish to consider an onsite course at your own offices. Running an Excel course on your premises is easier than you might think. We provide all the necessary training equipment, including a projector & screen and can also supply laptops for up to 12 employees if required. In this way it is easy to use any suitably sized office as an IT suite for a day, eliminating travel time and expenses.

A closed Excel course also has the advantage that we can tailor the training to fit your Company’s specific needs. In addition, you benefit from smaller class sizes, which means that you enjoy a more personal training experience.

If you would like more information about running a Microsoft Excel training course at your offices in Huddersfield, please contact us below:

Microsoft Office 2010 Training Courses in Cambridgeshire

Microsoft OfficeMicrosoft Office 2010 Training Courses in Cambridgeshire

The MS Office software suite forms the mainstay of most businesses’ administration system, and 2010 represents the best version to date. However, many users coming straight from Office 2003 are faced with frustration when it comes to finding their way around due to the ‘Ribbon’ navigation system. This was first employed by Microsoft in Office 2007, but many Companies have bypassed this version preferring to stay with 2003 for as long as possible. Clearly the cost of upgrading for some large organisations is significant and it could certainly be argued that the Office 2003 still achieves most of what 2010 can deliver.

However, compatibility is increasingly becoming an issue as the file formats between 2003 & 2007 / 2010 are significantly different. Whilst Microsoft have thought of this and provided a compatibility format, many users it would appear are unaware of this. Very often the problem becomes apparent when files are emailed to another organisation and they cannot be opened. What many people are unaware of is that the new format produces files which are much smaller than previous versions (typically 60% smaller) which can be significant when emailing a large document. Paradoxically as we’ve seen, this is when the problem most often occurs.

Training is the obvious answer, but public Microsoft Office courses can cost from £250 + VAT per person for each application in the software suite. If your staff need to be skilled up in Excel, Outlook & Word these usually represent a day’s training each, with the cost mounting for each employee. However, we can provide onsite training at your own offices in Cambridgeshire from as little as £50 per person per day.

For an in-depth knowledge we can deliver 3 days training covering the main applications of Excel, Outlook & Word for a lot less than the cost of a public course. If your staff only need to know the basics, you could opt for a 1 day MS Office 2010 Foundation course. This will give them all the skills which they need to perform the majority of routine office tasks, at a considerably reduced cost. You can see full details of our courses and pricing structure on the Onsite Training Courses page of this website.

We deliver Microsoft Office 2010 courses throughout Cambridgeshire and supply everything needed to deliver training at your own offices. You can call free to discuss your requirements without obligation and we will be pleased to supply you with a free training needs analysis.

Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Lincoln from £50pp

Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Lincoln.

Microsoft Excel training courses delivered onsite at your offices in Lincoln from just £50 per learner

Our fully qualified tutors can deliver Microsoft Excel training at Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced levels and also tailor the course content to suit your Company requirements. Your employees benefit from personal tuition and the Company saves on travelling time and costs. Please visit our Onsite Training Courses page for more information and pricing.

All our Microsoft Excel courses include personal training manuals and a certificate. Onsite courses are normally 1 day in duration and can be arranged at a date and time to suit your employees’ availability. To discuss your requirements or to book a course, please call free on 0800 2922842. Alternatively you can email us at 

Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Hull

Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Hull.From £50 pp – onsite Microsoft Excel training courses delivered at your own offices in Hull

Microsoft Excel is the without a doubt the most used office application, but many employees are not getting the best out of the software. A major reason for this is because most people tend to be self-taught on Excel. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but there is an old adage which says that “you don’t know what you don’t know”.

This is where a structured course comes in. In just 1 day, we can teach the complete novice all the fundamentals which will enable them to carry out most office spreadsheet tasks quickly and easily. If you already have experience of using Excel, we can refine and add to your skills, enabling you to do more in less time.

Our onsite group rates can cost as little as £50 per person. Please visit our Onsite Training Courses page for full pricing. All our onsite Microsoft Excel courses include a personal training manual in the price along with a course certificate.

You can call free to discuss your requirements on the number below. There is no obligation to book and we will be happy to give you a free evaluation of your staffs’ current Excel skills.

Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Barnsley, South Yorkshire

Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.Microsoft Excel training delivered onsite at your offices in Barnsley, South Yorkshire from just £50 per delegate

You will probably have several questions when choosing a provider for your MS Excel spreadsheet training. You will naturally want to be sure that you are getting value for money and a top priority is likely to be whether the organisation can deliver high quality training at a reasonable price.

Qualifications are one factor and our trainers are not only Microsoft Certified, but also qualified as professional trainers. However, relevant qualifications should be considered to be a minimum requirement.  It is one thing to possess a high level of technical knowledge, but successfully imparting that knowledge to others is another matter entirely. Combining IT expertise with the ‘people skills’ necessary to connect with others at their current level is a rarer skill than you might think! It is for this reason that we consider training experience to be the most important factor. You may like to read what some of our clients have to day about our training expertise on the Testimonials page and judge for yourself.

Another factor is whether the training provider is flexible enough to tailor the courses to suit your particular requirements. Whilst we have 3 levels of Microsoft Excel training at Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced, each of these can be customised to cover the precise content which your employees need to carry out their spreadsheet tasks. You can see an overview of the course content on the Microsoft Excel page. We would be happy to provide a free Training Needs Analysis so that we can tailor the course to sit your needs.

For further details about Microsoft Excel training courses in Barnsley please contact us below: